Goals… Not Resolutions


New years resolutions. Let’s be real, the word “resolution” automatically means whatever you say will not last the entire year let alone through the month of February, so I prefer the world “goals”. You make goals for yourself throughout the year but I’ve never heard anyone say they are making a resolution in May or any other month of the year besides January. The word goal just takes the pressure off.

My goals for 2015 are:

1. Bugeting and Saving

Let’s just say I’m not the most frugal person you have ever met, especially when it comes to clothes or anything fashion related. I swear I have no self control! What was once on my “want-list” quickly creeps onto the list of things I cannot live without. This year I want to be able to spend but spend wisely and save for things that are important like an emergency fund. I’m not completely cut of from under my parents wings just yet but that day will come eventually and I’m sure the last thing they will want to hear is a phone call from me asking if they could foot a spontaneous car bill the next time it decided to act funky.

2. Eating Healthy

No no, I said nothing about dieting, losing weight, the list goes on. I said I want to eat healthy. I have never been much of an unhealthy eater but being a college athlete has opened my eyes to the the results you can get from positively and negatively fueling your body. My body is my temple (1 Corinthians 6:19), and in sports cases, my machine. You can’t fuel a Ferrari with regular and expect it to run like the champion car it is, so you definitely cannot do that with you body. I want to fuel right because I know I’ll feel better and perform better.

3. Read More Often

I’ve never been much of a reader, and I’ve honestly never been a good reader, but I want that to change this year. Though my time is limited I feel like people make time for what is important to them, and reading for pleasure is something I want to do more often this year.

4. Disconnecting From Electronics

I’m as much of an Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Netflix junky as the next person but at some point in time the social media needs to be turned off. This year I am setting times for when certain things need to be disconnected so that I can have more me time and focus on other things. For example, no more Youtube past 10pm. Instagram and Twitter can’t be checked passes 11pm (week nights only).

5. Shortening My To-Do List

Last year taught me that to-do lists can be helpful, but they also need to be reasonable. I’m not superwomen so I can’t put superwoman like expectations on myself. My to-do lists for the day will consist of no more than three things because truthfully that is about all I can get done in a day.

6. Reading the Bible/ Growing My Relationship With God

In my post from last week I talked about how I realized my true worth lies in God and how that has alleviated a lot of stress from my life. To say the least I have realized just how much of a difference God has made in my life and how much I need Him. I plan to spend time in his world every day no matter if it is just for five minutes or an hour.

7. Journalling

I bought a journal from Barnes & Noble that makes me answer one question every day. I’m not really one for sitting down and spilling out my life story and feelings every day but I think answering a question isn’t asking too much. Also, keeping up with this blog is a form of journaling in my eyes.

8. Don’t Be Afraid To Shine

I love fashion, makeup, high heels, you name it, but if you actually know me, you know I rarely demonstrate my love for them. This year I want that to change. In the past I’ve been afraid to wear heels because of my height or get all dolled up because I honestly don’t like getting a lot of attention. This year I want to be pushed a little outside of my comfort zone so that I can actually reveal the things that I genuinely enjoy and hopefully reveal other parts of my personality.

9. Doing Things For Myself/ Taking Care Of Myself

Me time is important, and while I have never been one to skimp on it, I think that I can do other things to take care of myself. Treat myself every once in a while, for example, twelve years of basketball has done a number on my feet. Let’s just say the nail salons around here will be seeing a whole lot of me in 2015.

10. Become A Better Listener

I’ve come a long way. My mom did a great job of teaching me not to cut people off in the middle of their sentences, but one thing I need to work on is not forming my response to what someone is saying as they are talking. Instead, I actually need to give them my undivided attention and hear what they have to say. Also, when it comes to friends, sometimes it’s not about the advice you give, but that you were simply there to listen to them in their time of need.

11. God First, of Course, but Keep Family At A Close Second

Coming to college has allowed me to see just how important my family is to me. I’ve always appreciated them, but now more than ever I realize just how much their support means to me. From the extended hugs that my brother gives me when they visit or just being in my parents company and knowing that they care, I want to make sure that I make time for them and let them know how much they mean to me.

12. Being a Better Friend

I love my friends and my friends love me, but as we get older and move away from each other (attending different colleges) it gets harder and hard to maintain our friendships. I simply want to stay connected with them and check on them more often then I did this past year.

These resolutions goals were in no specific order, but these are just the things I want to work on in 2015. Hopefully I can achieve these goals throughout the year, but there are 12, so I can at least focus on one every month.