The Right Time

Right Time

Have you ever looked at some of the people labeled as “great” in whatever field they are accomplished and wonder what their secret is/was? Have you ever wondered how they got to where they are today? While there may be many answers to these questions I feel that I know one thing they all have in common. They refuse to take no for an answer.

Now we’ve all heard the story of the resilient person who never took no for an answer and that is why they are successful, but honestly that is easier said than done. So what does “not taking no for an answer” look like in your life? For me it’s limiting my excuses. One thing that I have realized is that excuses really hold me back, and it’s not the, “Oh I’m tried maybe, tomorrow” kind of excuses, or “I just don’t feel great, maybe another day”. My excuses come in different forms.

My excuses:

Often I find myself wanting to make things happen and having intentions of doing so, but then I reach a set back. Maybe things aren’t going as well as I had planned and suddenly the whole process is coming to a hold. It always seems as though it’s not the right time. When things don’t go as planned and a little adversity hits, suddenly I find myself thinking, “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this” or “What I’m striving for might be too far fetched”.

My reality:

People, including myself, wait their whole lives for the right time to do things, and the funny thing is, there will never be a right time. There will always be some form of adversity holding you back, some obstacle in your way and someone saying that you can’t do it. While these situations might hinder you it should not stop you from moving towards your goal.

There are seven days in a week, and “Someday” is not one of them. Making your dreams become your reality is completely on you. One thing I have learned is that you have to do things that you can live with. This is true because, at the end of the day, no one will be as happy as you will be if things go well, and no one will be as sad as you if they don’t. So if wallowing in your excuses is something you can live with then be my guest, but my bet is that your dreams are a little bit bigger than a minor setback or excuse.

Don’t convince yourself that you have time or that there is always tomorrow. The sad thing is, we think we have time and that by putting things off, the next day will render better opportunities than the current day. Here is the truth. Tomorrow is never promised, but more importantly neither are the opportunities of today. Too often opportunities pass us by because of the weak excuses we used to confine ourselves.

My challenge to you is to stop waiting for the right time. There is nothing that tomorrow can offer you that you can’t do today. Create the right time!