There are different seasons, and no I’m not talking about winter, spring, summer and fall, I’m talking about seasons in your life.

For example, different seasons in your life can be when you move from, middle school to high school or high school to college. It could be getting your first job, it could be the start or end to a relationship. It could be a lot of things, but a new season in your life signifies change.This change is usually sparked by people.

The crazy thing about people is that sometimes when they leave your life it’s not because of you. You are beautiful,  smart, fabulous, strong, etc. They leave your life because their stint in your life was never supposed to be a forever thing. They were simply there for a season. They taught you the lessons you needed to learn and helped you move from one part of your life to another.

One thing that I have realized is that we can decide to make changes in our own lives, but because we are creatures of habit we often opt not too.

I’m sure most of us have experienced the friendship that didn’t last or the mentor that became distant. While at the time you felt these bonds would last forever. In reality these people filled a need in your life for that moment and without them and the experience,  emotions and memories they brought with them along the way, you would not be the person you are today. But once that need was met and your season or current situation began to evolve they fell off, because you didn’t need them anymore. You could be strong without them.

An example in my life are some of the friendship I have lost. Many of those people I still know today and interact with regularly,  but I have always been taught to surround myself with people who are moving in the direction I want to go. At the time of our friendships they were,  but as we grew older and our visions for our futures became clear; I became distant from my “friends” because they were not moving in the direction I was trying to go.

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” If someone is not helping you, they are most likely hurting you. Be wise about who you choose to hang around in your lifetime or even just for a season.