To the Broke College Students

Broke College Students

While this blog post is directed towards college students, don’t be fooled, being broke does not discriminate. This is just a list of things that I have experienced while being broke and in college, but I’m sure this frequently happens to people of all ages.

There is nothing like being broke and in college. It is where you find yourself, it is where you realize what you are truly made of, or at least when you realize that mom and dad really made life at home 10x easier than the real world. When it’s all said and done you always find yourself reaching for the emergency $20 that your mother repeatedly told you to keep in your wallet, and wondering if your current situation constitutes an emergency.

1. Toilet Paper: Who knew toilet paper and paper towels cost money? I’m being sarcastic of course, but when I was living at home we never seemed to run out of those things, so naturally I never had to think about buying them or fitting them into a budget. That all changed when I got to college. Unfortunately you cannot say, “I’ll pass on using the bathroom today”, so I quickly learned that these items are a must on my monthly grocery list.

2. Wardrobe: Not every social event requires a new outfit, but you couldn’t convince me of that my first year. For every event I found myself in the mall spending the “extra money” that I thought I had. Word to the wise, “extra money” should just go to your savings. I promise you, you’ll thank yourself later.

3. Fun is Expensive: I didn’t realize this until I had a weekend to myself and only $3 to my name. Everything costs money! Yes, occasionally you will run into an event that is free but how are you going to get there? Do you have a car? Do you have gas? Well, you can always catch an Uber, but wait, that cost money too. Even catching up with a friend over coffee is pricey. The last time I checked, the only thing Starbucks gives out for free is hot water, so knock yourself out with that.

4. Food: Well, if you’re a picky eater being broke can be your newest diet plan or your introduction to your meal plan. Personally, I have become a pro at making use of my meal plan. Who new that dinning hall food can be so good when you’re broke and starving?

All in all, being broke in college is tough, but nothing short of hilarious when you look back on it. You never realize how much you have until it’s gone, or at least I didn’t until I came to college. It’s crazy to think that one day I’ll be making money and paying taxes. Really, what are taxes!? I hope this article gave you a couple good laughs to start off your week. Be blessed!