Why Finals Are Bad For Our Health


I’m not going to lie, I really contemplated whether to write this post or skip this week, but here it is.

I was, and still am, in the middle of finals searching for content to write about when it dawned on me that the very thing I am going through is worth writing about… FINALS.

So here I bring to you a short list of why I think finals are bad for our heath.

  1. Sleep… or lack there of.

I have never been so exhausted, and to every adult that blames sleepless college nights on partying and procrastination, I can confidently say that I have done neither. Writing final papers takes time; studying takes concentration. It is proven that you absorb the most information within the first 20 minutes of studying, but unfortunately you are going through a full semester worth of material. I am sure you can do the math and realize that sleep does not fit into the equation.

  1. Packing

On top of studying you are packing to leave for the summer. As an out of state student I literally have to pack my life away every year. The majority of my possessions are with me at college and my parents do not come up to move me in and out. It is truly on me, and whatever friends I can recruit, to move everything out and into storage. Trust me, it’s exhausting!

  1. Nutrition

Well, if you aren’t sleeping you have to get energy from somewhere, right? Whatever nutrition plan I might be on goes down the drain for about a week to two weeks as I attempt to fuel my body with late night snacks and lots of coffee. The struggle to finish the semester along with other responsibilities comes at a price.

To say the least, college students are going through much more than mere assessments during finals. Yes, they are a good way to gage what we, as students, have learned throughout the semester, but are they really worth it if we have to go through this?

So I’m suggesting that we let the school year end when classes end. There is no need for a final assessment after the last day of class. If I didn’t know it then, the chances of me knowing it with summer around the corner and freedom in sight is even slimmer. Who are we trying to fool? Finals are simply bad for our health.