2015 Summer Plans


So it’s officially summer now and you know what that means. No school! But after nine months of school playing a major role in my life, I find myself wondering what to do with my leisure time.

For me, while I am out of school I am still a college athlete. That means workouts, workouts, and more workouts. But think about it, a workout, or my typical workout lasts at most three hours in a day, that leaves a lot of time to do other things.

I recently landed an internship with Around The Horn! This is a huge step in my career, especially considering that I want to go into sports broadcasting (hopefully for ESPN) when I graduate. So if I add this into the equation, it takes about seven hours out of my day.

For me, it is not so much that I don’t know what to do with my extra time, it is that I have so many things that I want to do I don’t know where to start. So here is my short summer bucket list.

1. Be a tourist in my home town, Atlanta.

I love Atlanta, but I never realized how much until I moved away. This summer I want to grab a friend or two and explore. It’s a huge city so there is no way to get bored.

2. Prep for upcoming documentary.

The documentary that I am prepping for is called, “The Elephant On Grounds”. I got the idea after the huge discussion on race that followed the Martese Johnson case. The goal for this documentary is not to highlight his case, but to inspire students to keep the dialogue on race going. I plan to create it with hopes that it will ease the racial tension on grounds and prevent the next racial profiling or stereotyping incident from happening on grounds.

3. Explore DC.

I’m from Georgia and it seems as though every private middle school takes a trip to DC at some point. Well, I was the kid that missed that trip due to switching schools between the seventh and eight grade. Even my 13-year-old brother has gone and seen all of the monuments. Since my internship is in DC I might as well catch up on that little piece of history I’ve been missing.

4. Spend time outside.

I wouldn’t say I’m an outdoorsy person, but I definitely enjoy being in the sun. A little tan never hurt anybody and it is a great way to stay active throughout the summer. Whether it is hiking or going to the pool I want many of my days to be spent in the sun.

5. Shopping.

This might seem strange but yes, it is on my list of things to do. Since I landed this wonderful internship with Around The Horn, I have realized how few professional/business clothes I own. Now that I am heading into my junior year, it’s time to make a change to my wardrobe. This summer, I want to grow the business attire side of my closet.

With all of this being said, regardless of if I do all of these things or none of them, my ultimate goal is to rest, relax and recharge. This past school year was tough and I’m sure I’m not the only student in the world who feels this way.

It’s not uncommon to be on the go all the time during the school year and while summer might be hectic as well, make sure you take time to yourself. I find myself always trying to fill time with other activities when in reality rest is an activity too.

My challenge to you all is to find some time to recharge this summer. I promise you will not regret it!