Celebrating Friendship


There are friendships that we work for and then there are the ones that just happen.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to the latter. To the friends that you just stumble across and don’t realize that they are one of the greatest gifts until you take the time to notice.

While I do have a fair number of friends there are two in particular that I want to highlight today. They may be the sole reason I survived this past school year. Both helped me in many different ways and I am more than thankful to have them in my life.

To start, let’s talk about Anna. If I had a personal assistant Anna would be the one. Yes, I put my own schedule together, manage my own time and all of that good stuff, but if it was not for Anna, things simply would not get done.

If I ever have a question (and I have plenty) Anna is always there to provide an answer or suggestion, or anything to get me moving in the right direction. She always goes out of her way to help me complete whatever task I have at hand and is always so positive even when things are not.

Our friendship really came about because we were involved in a lot of the same things, but never in the same way. For example, in Second Year Council, Anna and I were on different committees. For Women’s Basketball, I play and Anna is a manager. Anna is a member of the Chi Alpha Christian group and I am a member of Athletes in Action.

To say the least we are involved in many of the same things, and I think that is what makes us such great friends. We are able to bounce different perspectives of the same situation off of each other; therefore, making whatever the situation is a better one for the both of us.

Now let’s talk about Sophia. It was freshman year, and I was in Spanish 1060. I think we sat next to each other in class and if you know Spanish teachers at UVA, participation (interacting with your classmates) is a huge part of your grade. Let’s just say that she was great at Spanish and I was mediocre but our conversations were always interesting.

We ended up doing our big Spanish video project together and from there our friendship took off. She would come to my basketball games, I would stop by her intramural field hockey games. We ended up having another class together this past year and she became a basketball manager as well. From here the rest is history.

The best part about our friendship is that our conversations never get old. We keep the good times rolling when we hang out, and though our busy schedules keep us from chatting often, when we do, we go on forever.

To add to that, we both want to work in the athletic realm after college and are highly invovlved around grounds, so naturally we have a lot to talk about anyways.

So what is the point of this blog post?

Honestly, I think I gravitated to writing this post because too often we work really hard to be liked or to become friends with people who might not actually care about us or share any of our same interests. I am guilty of this myself. But just recently I have been able to recognize the friends and friendships that have always been there and been effortless. These friendships are the ones that I am most thankful for.

So my challenge to you is to open your eyes to the friendships that are present in your life, and to start celebrating them. Some friendships you wait for, some friendships you work for, other friendships just happen. That’s the beauty of it!