Tight chest. Shallow breathing. A million thoughts.

If happiness is Cinderella than anxiety is the evil stepmother, stress and doubt the stepsisters and time is the fairy Godmother.

Let me explain farther. The evil stepmother is anxiety, which has the ability to rob you of your joy in seconds. Overthinking and sometimes thinking irrationally can cause this, which can be stressful and these thoughts can cause you to doubt yourself. This is where the stepsisters come in. While anxiety is the culprit stress and doubt, only make the load you carry heavier.

This might sound a little off base, but yes, time is the fairy Godmother. Only time passing can lessen your anxiety because according to the definition, anxiety is a feeling of worry and uneasiness about an unknown outcome. The only way to lessen anxiety is to know the outcome, and usually the only way to do that is to let time pass and let the outcome take place.

If you find yourself experiencing anxiety more times than not, just know that you are not alone. For me, nothing can rob my joy faster than anxiety and unfortunately, I get robbed a lot.

“Too blessed to stress.” We’ve all heard that quote before. But as much as I love quotes, sometimes they are like the advice you give to a friend but can’t follow yourself. Often easier said than done, and sometimes a stint of temporary motivation that lasts about as long as Bazooka Bubble Gum.

So how do you cope with anxiety? I’ve heard the best way to do it is by trying to counteract the doubtful thoughts that enter your mind. While this might leave you mentally drained at the end of the day, it is shown that people who can successfully and frequently counteract the negative thoughts that flood their minds due to anxiety, doubt and stress, are more successful.

This is true because their positive thoughts give them a mental break from the ones that might be bogging them down. By doing this, it allows them to experience other positive emotions that lead to good and productive energy.

Lastly, just know that you are not alone. One in every three people suffers from anxiety so do not be overwhelmed. Keep your head up, continue to think positive thoughts, and know that this along with many other things is what makes you, you. Learn to live with it and embrace it.