An Open Letter To DC

Open Letter

In less than a week, my internship in DC will come to an end, and I will be heading back to the life I once knew. While this change might not be as dramatic as the previous sentence makes it seem, it still will be a significant change moving back into my comfort zone.

So here is an an open letter capturing the sights, sounds and experiences that I have encountered in DC.

To DC,

Where there is a Starbucks every four blocks, where knowing street numbers and letters is important. Where the metro is the best thing that has ever happened to you, except for when it’s delayed, and your feet are your most reliable form of transportation.

To the city where, a man selling news papers says, “Good morning young lady. Have a nice day” every morning, where a homeless man walked up beside me and handed me a flower in exchange for a quarter. Where emergency sirens are the music of the streets and where Whole Foods and CVS are your most “convenient” stores around.

The city where I learned a block is longer than I thought, where I had to carry my groceries home so only got what I could carry for eight blocks. Where the Metro is like Marta (the Atlanta metro transportation) but more expensive. The city where I questioned women wearing sneakers and business attire because that’s not exactly the best fashion statement, but then realized why people actually wore that; comfort over fashion any day. So I consider joining them but my pride got in the way. Where I learned heels hurt but flats do too, where food trucks are cool, and where I discovered my favorite restaurants, Protein Bar and District Taco. Where it clicked for me, cities are way different than suburbs and having a car is a luxury.

Where you find Georgetown charming, the waterfront beautiful, and M Street, where your money goes to die. RIP! Where Chinatown is an area you don’t want to go alone, the National Mall is always a good idea, and for me the Washington Monument the best of all.

The city where when you walk down the street you are essentially looking at your own Pinterest coming to life. The thought of, “Oh, I’d pin that outfit”, crosses your mind often. The city where there are so many restaurant options you can never say you’re bored with the food in the area, and where pastry shops are prominent.

To the city where I realized, it takes a day to make 30 minutes of interesting television content. Where I found out live sports broadcasts and television broadcasts are quite similar. Where I found out Tony Reali is the man, Bomani Jones is hilarious and Josh Bard is the best boss ever. Where it hit me that a 9am-5pm (really a 9am-4pm) is harder than I thought.

Where I began to appreciate being around people my own age. Where I missed seeing familiar faces everyday. Where I became more independent and mentally tough. Where I began to solve my own problems and budget for my own success. Where I learned the most about being in the business world because some things just cannot be taught, but only experienced. Where I was pushed out of my comfort zone. Where the memories of my summer 2015 took place. Where I have called home for the past eight weeks. Where I will surprisingly miss, even if it’s just a little bit.

Thanks DC!