Midsummers As Told By Me


Midsummers is…

The one weekend in the summer when everyone comes back. The weekend you’re introducing old friend to new faces. When Wertland, 14th and 15th street, and The Corner always look alive. When the parties start early, the nights are too much fun and the mornings comes too soon.

When pool parties seem like the best move around, and a little sunshine and good vibes is all you need. When you look at your hair after being in the pool and realize why you hate chlorine. When the BBQ is on point and mingling becomes your newest hobby. When towing shouldn’t be enforced but you know how that stuff goes.

When hanging out with all of your friend groups is made possible. When school work is nonexistent. When you really don’t have to leave your friends apartment to have fun because all you need is speakers and a hype playlist.

When you swear you’re running through the 6 with your woes, but you’re really just running through the 434 and let’s be honest, you’re walking, but those are just minor details. When naps are necessary to survive the night and “turn up” is redefined. When squad pictures are a must for the gram.

When moving between Boylan, Trinity, Coupes and “said house party” is a casual thing; I mean you can’t just have one move, it’s Midsummers. When you’re sweating bullets but the music and people are too good to leave. When talking on the street outside of Christians Pizza at 2am sounds like a good idea, and you don’t even like pizza. When you realize it’s 7/11 so you decide to get your free slurpee at 7-Eleven, even though it’s the middle of the night. When your behavior is at it’s worst, or better put, when you’re always on your worst behavior.

When Safe Ride is working overtime, but the only reason you know that is because you saw 30 people fighting over 12 seats in the van as you comfortably drove past… Thank goodness that’s not me anymore.

When Sunday comes and you realize third session is only a day way, but that’s depressing, so you look ahead to Block Party.

Until next time, goodbye Midsummers! It’s been real!