Summer Time Sadness


Summer doesn’t actually end until almost the end of October, but when August rolls around, we all know it’s basically almost over and school is starting soon. It’s crazy how time flies.

While many are excited for school, I can’t say I’m stoked because I just finished summer school this past Friday. #SchoolNeverStops

But there are a couple things that I am looking forward to as the school year starts.

  1. Apple Picking

One of my favorite fall activities is apple picking, particularly in the orchard not to far from my university. It is always fun to go up there with a few friends and just hang out. The view is beautiful and if you bring a quality camera, you can host a mini photo shoot just to pass time and make some good memories as well. From the apples, to the apple cider, to the apple donuts, and most importantly the apple butter, I think it is an awesome and tasty way to spend an afternoon in the fall and I will definitely spend a good amount of time there this year.

2. Fall weather and outfits

I love the fall! It’s a beautiful time of year and the weather is no exception. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. It’s easy to look good because you’re not constantly striping layers or consumed by a big coat. Nothing screams fall to me like comfy sweatshirts and I’ve definitely missed wearing mine. While being outside in the summer is fun, I find being outside in the fall is a little more enjoyable plus the leaves are gorgeous. Everything about the fall is wonderful to me and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

3. Football

With all other things set aside, I am really excited for football season! I’m from the south (Georgia) and we take our football very seriously. Enough to where some might call it a “religion” and while that is a very strong word to describe people’s commitment to a sport, let me explain to you why it is such a big deal. SEC Football is everything in the south! Saturday is the day of the week that everyone waits for. From the tailgating with friends and family to watching the game and cheering for your favorite team it is really a wonderful tradition. I am definitely looking forward to cheering on the Virginia Cavaliers of the ACC, watching a lot of SEC football, and cheering on all of my friends that play at their perspective universities all over the country.

So while the summer is winding down don’t get too upset. There are a fair amount of things to look forward to this fall.