Transactional Relationships


Never apologize for doing what’s best for you. Not everyone will agree with your decisions sometimes and that’s okay. Sometimes people you care about and people who claim to care about you will disagree with your decision to do what’s best for you. That’s okay too.

Dr. Seuss once said, “…Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” He was correct! If someone who claims to care about you is opposed to you doing what is best for you, it is time to re-evaluate that relationship. To say you care and to actually care are two different things.

Many of the relationships we foster can be broken down to simple mathematics. They are transactions. If you can do something to help them and they can do something to help you than you are “friends”, “acquaintances”, “insert endearing word here”. But the minute you can’t bring something that they need to the table, you are worthless to them.

How sad is that to think that people only care because it benefits them. I’m not saying I am any different. If we are being honest, we are all guilty or have been guilty of this ourselves, but when this happens to you, know where you stand, know your self worth, and be courageous enough to act on what you know.

Everyone’s definition of what your journey should look like is different and ultimately only one persons vision of that matters… yours.

People’s perceptions of you change everyday. People doubt you everyday, believe in you every day, lose faith and interest in you every day, and grow to love you every day. If you took the time to pay attention and try to justify everyone’s ever changing thoughts of you, it would drive you mad.

So a simple way around this problem is to know who you are, and who God believes you are. Know who you belong to and understand that if He hasn’t shown His plans for you to you, He definitely has not shown it to anyone else.

With that being said, when you find yourself caught up in a transactional relationship, failing to meet the visions that  people have for you, just know that you are more than the opinions of man. You are a Child of God and your worth is found in Him!