A Letter of Hope

Black Lives Matter, Blackness

To those who tirelessly pour their efforts into promoting Black Lives Matter, I hope you continue.

I hope you hashtag, make videos, and speak of your experiences.

I hope that you don’t get discouraged as setbacks come our way, and that you keep the end goal in mind. Stay strong in your pursuits. No change ever came easy. Even Martin Luther King Jr. was told he was crazy for having a dream a time or two.

But with that, I hope you have the courage to develop your own dream. Fight to be different than the generations before you, and for a better future ahead of you. Think up your own destiny and work tirelessly towards making that your reality. And then share it…

I hope you include other races in your dialogues on change. Inspire them to fight for justice with you. In return fight for justice regarding their inequalities as well.

I hope that others join the movement to change a country whose history is less than perfect.

Take lessons from the history books and apply them, staying peaceful and patient as God works on the heart of our nation and the hands of our policy makers. Continue to see the worth that lies in all of God’s children.

Burn the candle of change with the spark of revolution inside you so that the aroma of equality and understanding can fill the air.

Continue because each day you chip away at our dream is one day we are closer to living it.


Bounce Back


Yesterday I sat on my couch for the majority of the day. With my weekly chores and to-dos complete, my only goal was to finish season six of Gilmore Girls and watch college football. Occasionally, I would scroll through Pinterest looking for inspiration because honestly that’s what I felt I was lacking.

Mainly inspiration to write, but to be honest I had been living uninspired for quite some time.

Until yesterday, I had not attempted to write a Sydney Sunday since February… That’s over six months. I continued to tell myself that I just needed some more time. Time to gather my thoughts, heal from past hurt, adjust to my new life, the list goes on. I continued to make excuses, knowing that the golden hour I was waiting for would never come.

Like I have said many times before on this blog, there is never a perfect time for anything. It’s truly about where your priorities lie. But with that being said, teaching the lesson “there is no time better than the present,” is not the reason I broke my six-month hiatus to write this post. The reason I broke my silence is to talk about bouncing back.

While all to familiar to me at this point, being able to bounce back from tough situations in your life is the only way to truly grow. To go through the pain of the lesson is one thing, but to rise above it, that is where true maturity and growth happens.

There were many factors that caused me to stop writing, one of which was the 27 credits I took during my spring semester, while playing college basketball, to graduate from the University of Virginia in three years. To say the least I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands, and there were many other barriers that kept me away from my craft.

But then there were a lot of excuses that kept me from writing after graduation. First, I needed to decompress from a long semester. Then I moved to Beaverton, Oregon for the summer to intern at Nike. Then I started to take grad school classes and train for my final basketball season. Then I went to Europe for 10 days, the school year started, and… well as you can see life happened.

But is that really an excuse? Isn’t life always going to happen?

I knew I would need a break from writing because as the saying goes, “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” Where I went wrong was letting that continue to be my excuse for why I could not move forward with my life

Looking back on it, I acted quite “soft” playing victim, refusing opportunities, and lacking motivation, enthusiasm and will power. With that being said, I still fight many of these feelings today. But I am glad to say I’m finally moving in the right direction.

Sometimes the challenges that life throws your way end up getting the best of you. That’s okay, but make sure that the climax of your novel isn’t about how you got knocked down.

I get it, life is tricky and we’re all trying to figure it out, but if I can share one piece of advice with you on this Sunday morning, it is to bounce back from whatever might be holding you down. There are many other chapters to write in your story, but you can’t do that sitting on the ground. Get up, dust yourself off, and bounce back!

Happy Sunday!