A Letter of Hope

Black Lives Matter, Blackness

To those who tirelessly pour their efforts into promoting Black Lives Matter, I hope you continue.

I hope you hashtag, make videos, and speak of your experiences.

I hope that you don’t get discouraged as setbacks come our way, and that you keep the end goal in mind. Stay strong in your pursuits. No change ever came easy. Even Martin Luther King Jr. was told he was crazy for having a dream a time or two.

But with that, I hope you have the courage to develop your own dream. Fight to be different than the generations before you, and for a better future ahead of you. Think up your own destiny and work tirelessly towards making that your reality. And then share it…

I hope you include other races in your dialogues on change. Inspire them to fight for justice with you. In return fight for justice regarding their inequalities as well.

I hope that others join the movement to change a country whose history is less than perfect.

Take lessons from the history books and apply them, staying peaceful and patient as God works on the heart of our nation and the hands of our policy makers. Continue to see the worth that lies in all of God’s children.

Burn the candle of change with the spark of revolution inside you so that the aroma of equality and understanding can fill the air.

Continue because each day you chip away at our dream is one day we are closer to living it.