Here is a little bit about me. I am currently a graduate student attending the University of Kansas and I am also a member of the women’s basketball team. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia, aka the best place in the US, but I might be bias.

Why did I start this blog?

To be honest, this isn’t my first time blogging. I have had a fashion blog since June 2014 but I wanted to try something new. Fashion is fun and hopefully I will get back to posting on that blog soon, but I find it more interesting to simply talk about life sometimes… most of the time. After an extremely trying second half of 2014 I was left asking myself a lot of questions. What is my purpose? Is life really supposed to be this painful and boring? Why are life lessons so difficult to learn and ultimately draining? This list goes on. So with the start of 2015 being a day ago, I just wanted to spice things up in my life, so why not blog about my life? I want to share some of the life lessons I have learned in my short 20 years on this Earth, as well as talk about things in my life that my interest others. This blog is something like a journal to me in the sense that I want to look back at it and be able to see how far I have come. But I want to do that and also help a person or two experiencing similar things along the way.

So I hope my blog is a fun read. Thanks for visiting!

Couldn’t get enough
Nicknames: Syd and Kid
Favorite Movies: Parent Trap (with Lindsay Lohan) The Proposal and She’s the Man… 27 Dresses is a good one too.
Favorite Store: American Eagle
Phobias: Bugs and hair in shower drains… gross!
Origin: Born in Atlanta, Georgia but my mother is Kenyan and my father is Nigerian.
Major dislikes: Water with ice. The smell of freshly cut grass.
Siblings: I have a little brother who is not so little anymore.

Women Crushes: Lauren Conrad, Chanel Iman, Zendaya Coleman.

 Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 5.45.11 PM

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